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Greg Garceau |Global Master's of Transpersonal Psychology and Political Activist

Greg Garceau

Bachelors of Arts Degree Diploma from Marylhurst University

BA, Interdisciplinary Studies from Marylhurst University in Marylhurst, OR

Environmental Suffering at the Columbia River Crossing between Vancouver and Portland, OR

Abstract Painting of my perception of Environmental Suffering, Gas Hog Pollutin SUV's

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

            I have a strong love of the environment and seek to be a catalyst for strengthening humanity's relationship with and for the environment. I believe there are valid proven scientific, intuitive, and artistic research related methods for understanding this relationship. In addition there are hidden resources that may also contain powerful ways that Humanity can use to mend this fragile relationship. We as a species have an opportunity to work and live effectively with this beautiful greater collection of planetary ecosystems that surround and bind us to the miraculous life-giving planet we share with all planetary life forms.

            I seek to bring diverse people together synergistically to find solutions to problems that plague the fragile environmental planetary system. I believe through a greater understanding of humanity's relationship with the environment opportunities are present that support not only the diversity of life forms on Planet Earth but also Humanity itself aiding all of us with those psychological or spiritual issues we face when we are unable to help ourselves. I really care about the human underdogs of the world who have not yet discovered ways in themselves to face personal setbacks with confidence, focus, and positive determination. But this supportive philosophy of supporting underdogs expands beyond human life to the many other animal, plant, and microscopic life-forms we share the planet with who are also unable to speak for themselves as they gradually disappear and become extinct related in part to human encroachment of their environmental ecosystems.  I have strong gifts of spiritual intuition, personal focus, and determination that I am able to share with others constructively and effectively. Through deep reverence and communication with and for all life on Planet Earth, Humanity is being given an opportunity for ecologically sound, sustainable, and effective ways to interact with the vast resource of Life that extends within and beyond the boundaries of our flesh, bones, and blood.




Philosophy/ Values Statements

List of Philosophy/Values Statements.

Bachelors of Arts, Interdisciplinary Studies

August 2, 1982 - December 14, 1997
Marylhurst University

Bachelor of Arts, Interdisciplinary Studies Combining Religion, Math/Science and Psychology from Marylhurst University, in Marylhurst, Oregon 

Transpersonal Integration Paper with sign off signatures: Creative Intentional Forum

Final completed and authorized Transpersonal Integration Paper for Creativity and Innovation Specialization, Masters Transpersonal Psychology Program, Sofia University

Faith Core Beliefs and the DevelopmentSelf.

Global Master's of Transpersonal Psychology, Sofia University

December 15, 2010 - June 14, 2013
Sofia University

Global Master's of Transpersonal Psychology, Sofia University, First Specialization, Creativity and Innovation.

Comprehensive Employment History

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Comprehensive Employment History.


  • ·      Elected Precinct delegate from Clark County 49th L.D. and 3rd C.D. to Washington State Democratic Party Convention, Seattle, WA 2012, and Clark County Convention Precinct Caucus Acting Chair, and delegate elect 2016, community activist/elected official, Rules Committee Member 2012.
  • ·      Volunteer Community Activist, Coordinator,, and Vancouver, WA 6/09 to 11/09 in tandem with Denny Heck for U.S. Congress political campaign
  • ·      C.N.A. Caregiver, Companion, Right at Home Care Services, Portland, OR 4/10 to present, Direct Care Elderly/Disabled in private homes.
  • ·      Workshop Coordinator, and Facilitator,, Vancouver, WA 3/01 to present, personally owned and operated national contractor.
  • ·      Volunteered, Oregon Zoo, and elected Council Rep. for ZooZnooze program, Portland, OR 4/90 - 8/08.
  • ·      NAC Evening and Night Shift, Discovery Nursing and Rehab, Vancouver, WA 5/10 to 8/10, Direct Care Elderly/Disabled in WA state Long-term Care Facility.
  • ·      C.N.A, Caregiver, Companion, Sandy Home Care Services, Sandy, OR, 7/07 to 11/09, Direct Care for Elderly/Disabled in private homes.
  • ·      C.N.A, Caregiver, Companion, Gresham Rehab and Specialty Care, Gresham, OR, 7/08 - 2/09, Direct Care for elderly/disabled in a long-term Care Facility.
  • ·      Habilitative Training Technician 2, State of Oregon, Department of Human Services, INA House, Milwaukie, OR, 6/06 to 2/07.Direct Care/C.N.A. work for Elderly/disabled in a State Foster Home.
  • ·      User Assessment Testing Analyst, HSBC Bank, Portland, OR, 6/04 - 6/06, IT Intranet Software Testing for all departments.
  • Apprenticeship, Project Management, and Leadership Development, HSBC Bank, NA, "Striving to Excel Program"(STEP). 6/03 - 6/04. Portland, OR. Paid Job rotation Credit Operations, CARD/Charge-off and Fraud Units, Customer Services, and Risk Management Department. Researched, defined, and presented to department heads and coworkers, "The Role of the Customer in Credit Card Processing, Cradle to Grave"
  • ·      Credit Representative, Data Entry Operator, HSBC Bank, Portland, OR, 8/98 - 6/04, Inbound/Outbound Phone Processing Credit Applications.
  • ·      Receptionist/Admin Assistant, U. S. West, Communications, Portland, OR. 4/94 - 8/94. Receptionist, Payroll, Filing, Managing a 15-line switchboard for 150 High-Powered Sales Representatives.  Now, Company, known as 
  • ·      Temporary Contract Encoder, for Northwestern States. United States Postal Service, 09/94 - 2/95. Database Management and Postal Services Intranet Encoder in Portland, OR.
  • ·      Office/Clerical Contract, St. Vincent De Paul Temp Services, Portland, OR, 6/93 - 8/98, General Office/Clerical/Data Entry with Private, Local, State and Federal Organizations.
  • ·      Landscape Supervisor, Assistant Foreman, Portland Habilitation Center: Portland, OR, 02/91 - 03/94. Certified Pesticide Applicator for Local, State, and Federal Contract positions throughout the Portland ,OR and Vancouver, WA Freeway System as far east as Arlington, OR. Landscape Maintenance, and Litter patrol at contract sites such as Bonneville Dam, and U.S. 84, U.S. 204, U.S. I-5, and Oregon State Highway 26, and Oregon Highway 30. Supervised mentally, emotionally, and physical disabled or impaired individuals in high Safety Risk Environments.
  • ·      Warehouse Assistant Manager, and Inventory Control manager, Computerware, the All Mac Source. 08/87 - 10/89. Palo Alto, CA. Supervised and Managed Inventory Control and Product Picking Warehouse Services for first all Apple Macintosh Computer Hardware, and Software Product lines.
  • ·      Laborer, and Construction Assistant, Ananda Builder's Guild, 5/87 - 8/87. San Francisco, CA. Heavy Strenuous physical Labor, and Landscape Maintenance, and Design for Contractor in Sausalito, CA.
  • ·      Laborer, Construction, and Carpenter's assistant. Nevada City, CA, Ananda Builder's Guild. Summers, 82 -85. Aided Intentional Community Manager, with varied tasks which included all aspects of House Building, Foundation Building, Roofing, Sheetrock Laying, and Painting (Interior, Exterior) for new House Building Construction throughout the community.
  • Research/Lab Assistant. University of Washington, Department of Physiology and Biophysics, On-campus Work Study Position, 9/82 - 6/85. Seattle, WA. Worked with specialized scientific measuring equipment, while maintaining a sterile, and Safe Laboratory under Dr. Albert Gordon, PhD. Research focused on Cancer, and Muscle tissue related experiments with Barnacle, and Sea Muscle tissues.  Used sophisticated Caliber set radioactive equipment such as an AAS (Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer) to measure trace elements in Muscle Tissues samples.


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Cutting the Ties that Bind:  Releasing Bonds no Longer Needed & Opening your Soul Essence by Greg Garceau aka Mamook Kumtux Man


Order of operations.

  1.  Introductions: Who is Greg Garceau?  Aka  Mamook Kumtux Man?
  2. Welcoming Opening Prayer and Spiritual Invocation.
  3. Guided Meditation and Ceremonial work. During this section each of us will explore our connection with Spirit, and I will go around the room with an Arabian Sword blessed by Elizabeth Clare Prophet and fellow heads of Church Universal Triumphant and Summit University as being a material representation of the Great Ascended Master Archangel Michael of Protection  who carries the Sacred Sword of Discrimination.  This sacred sword will be kept at my booth in room 1 booth 6 for viewing and experiential energetic exploration.  Please, when examining this material manifestation as blessed by The Messenger, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, treat it as a Sacred Object with all the respect and authority that it carries.  You may come to the booth to feel and touch this sword in order to feel its quality of Safety and Security as I will be using this object in my ceremony.


A.)  Ceremony:  Releasing the Ties that Bind by Greg Garceau aka Mamook Kumtux Man.


  1. Conclusion.  Reintegration back into our Soul-Body's experience of Spiritual Essence.

Vancouver Lake Trip and Adventure

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Presentation Slide Show for Recently Published book at APA Convention

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This was a presentation I used for a group of Academics at the APA Convention in Salt Lake City, UT in March 2015, for the Society for Philosophical and Theoretical Psychology, Division 24. 

Workshop Leader Greg

Workshop Leader Greg
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