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Workshop Leader Greg

Workshop Leader Greg

Workshop Participant Pat Hostess

Workshop Participant Pat

Workshop Participants 1

Workshop Participant Pat

Greg Garceau |Global Master's of Transpersonal Psychology and Political Activist

Greg Garceau

This is my original web page I created almost 5 years ago.  Please check it out.  I also have another page where you can purchase services and product from me.  It is at

Bachelors of Arts Degree Diploma from Marylhurst University

BA, Interdisciplinary Studies from Marylhurst University in Marylhurst, OR

Picture of my Diploma of Bachelors of Arts, Interdisciplinary Studies combining Religion, Math/Science and Psychology from Marylhurst University in Marylhurst, OR. 

Environmental Suffering at the Columbia River Crossing between Vancouver and Portland, OR

Abstract Painting of my perception of Environmental Suffering, Gas Hog Pollutin SUV's

I painted this when I was exploring and working with my personal emotions related to the continued Environmental Destruction human continue to ignore even though they are the main perpetrators of these issues.  Facts support this understanding that were offered in Gore's film about Global Warming called , "An Inconvenient Truth" 

Workshop Participant 3 Nan

Workshop Participant 3 Nan

Workshop Participant 2 and Co Facilitator Helene

Workshop Participant Helene

Workshop Participant 4

Workshop Participant 4 Jo, Woman who Walks with Honor
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