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Powersongs of Greg Garceau, Make Knowing Man, Mamook Kumtux Man

12/21/2012 1:28:28 AM
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Global Master's of Transpersonal Psychology, Sofia University

December 15, 2010 - June 14, 2013
Sofia University

Global Master's of Transpersonal Psychology, Sofia University, First Specialization, Creativity and Innovation.

Bachelors of Arts, Interdisciplinary Studies

August 2, 1982 - December 14, 1997
Marylhurst University

Bachelor of Arts, Interdisciplinary Studies Combining Religion, Math/Science and Psychology from Marylhurst University, in Marylhurst, Oregon 

Certifed Nurses Assistant or Nurses Assistant Certification in States of Oregon and Washington

August 15, 2007
Oregon Board of Nursing

Certified Nurse's Assistant with the Oregon State Board of Nursing in Oregon State, U.S.

Essential Morality of Humankind through the Eye of Flesh

This is one of a series of three videos I produced with my webcam describing Essential Morality of Humankind through the three Eyes of Perception as described by Ken Wilber.  They are the Eye of Flesh or scientific perspective, the Eye of Rationale with the mode of perception from the Perspective of the Intellectual Mental perspective.  Than there is the Eye of Contemplation which is the perspective of the Buddha Mind or Atman perspective.  I applied issues of morality from the perspective of each of these esoteric Eyes of Perception as described my Ken Wilber.

Nurses Assistant Certification, State of WA Department of Health Services

May 25, 2011
Washington State Department of Health Services

Nurses Assistant Certification, Washington State, U.S. Certification to assist Nurses in Washington State with Patient Care in any situation.

Environmental Suffering at the Columbia River Crossing between Vancouver and Portland, OR

Abstract Painting of my perception of Environmental Suffering, Gas Hog Pollutin SUV's
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